Workflow holds the key to Rich Media’s Enterprise Success

The internet is “dead and boring,” according to a recent online post. The energy and growth that characterized the dotcom boom is missing. A follow-up comment noted rich media applications would drive the web to a new level of dynamic growth and the process was already underway. I completely disagree with the first point, and slightly disagree with the second point. Continue reading “Workflow holds the key to Rich Media’s Enterprise Success”

Looking for a shortcut on Labor Day? Guess again.

So since this is Labor Day weekend, let’s talk about labor savings techniques. When people refer to labor they normally refer to manual labor, as in this is a labor saving technique. Another example of this would be labor savings in terms of saving time with processes that we deal with every day, millions of times per day. Continue reading “Looking for a shortcut on Labor Day? Guess again.”

A thousand times more efficient?

So to begin, if rich media information is going to be managed by a content management system, the rich media needs to be “manageable.” The most effective way to manage information within a document repository (particularly a large one) is to organize information by topic, preferably to a very granular level. Continue reading “A thousand times more efficient?”