Why CMDBs are sexier than you think

Sexy may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think about your CMDB and the operational data of your company… but (seriously) maybe it should be!  After all, it has a number of attractive qualities and (with some care and feeding) could be the ideal partner for a lasting long-term relationship. There are lots of potential reasons this can work, but let’s focus on the top three:

Substance: Your Configuration Management Database is not shallow and fickle, it is strong and deep, with a history as long as your company’s. It is built on a core of your master data and pulls together all of the facets of operational data your company creates every day. It contains the complex web of connective tissue that can help you understand how your company works.  Those insights then become part of the CMDB itself – enabling the strength of your data to be balanced by the wisdom that comes from analytics and self-awareness.

Long-term potential:  You may lust after the latest new tool or trend, but your CMDB will stand by your company’s side through thick and thin, long into the future.  It will grow and evolve with you, always be honest about what’s going on, and work with you to provide insights to get your company through troubled times.  As your company changes with new markets, products, customers, and competitors or becomes a part of something bigger through acquisition or partnership, your CMDB is there to help you navigate the changes and achieve success.

Air of mystery:  You may never fully understand all of the secrets that your CMDB holds about your company.  As you unlock one insight, the potential for others seems to appear magically.  What would you expect from something that brings together all parts of your company data and the complex interrelationships in one place for you to explore?  The question isn’t “what are the limits of the CMDB?” but rather “what are the limits of your curiosity?”

Deep substance, long-term potential and an air of mystery. Maybe your CMDB is sexier than you think!  But (just like human relationships) simply because it has the attractive qualities that you desire does not necessarily mean that there is “happily ever after” in your future. You must learn to work with your CMDB, to understand its qualities and quirks. Continual care and feeding (data quality and maintenance) will help keep it healthy and enable it to grow with you.

The time has never been better to take the next steps with your CMDB.  If you are feeling nervous or don’t know where to start, Blazent can be your relationship coach – bringing you the tools and techniques help you understand your CMDB better and teach you how to bring out the best in it so the CMDB can bring out the best in you!

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